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Should I Consent to a Search of My Vehicle in a Delaware DUI Case?

Posted on : September 25, 2018, By:  Andrew Whitehead

There are many different mistakes that you can make in the handling of your Delaware DUI case. Ultimately, regardless of whether or not you made these mistakes, you can benefit from the experience and knowledge provided by a Delaware DUI criminal defense attorney. One common question that comes up in these cases a lot is […]

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Do I Need an Attorney for My Third Offense DUI in Delaware?

Posted on : September 4, 2018, By:  Andrew Whitehead

If you’ve recently been accused of a third offense DUI in Delaware, you probably already know that the stakes are much higher since you have previously been convicted and since the typical consequences associated with a third offense DUI are much more significant than you might otherwise expect. A third offense DUI requires experienced and […]

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