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In a split second, a car accident or a fall can change your life. When someone else causes it, you have many questions and not a lot of answers.

You are hurt, you miss work, you can’t pay your bills, and you can’t do all the things you used to do with your family. Does this sound familiar? Whitehead Law can help get you back on track.


When injured by someone else, the most important thing you can do is have an advocate for you! Insurance companies and adjusters will be calling you. They may even offer you money to settle your injury claim just days or weeks after your accident. That is the time to be careful and think it through with the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney and staff.

If you have been injured in an accident in Delaware or Maryland, call Whitehead Law for a case evaluation today.

The law limits your time to bring a claim for injuries as a result of a car accident or fall. You typically have two years in Delaware and three years in Maryland. However, how you proceed with the treatment of your injuries matters.

The staff at Whitehead Law is always here to help and answer your questions about the process. We are a “hands-on” law firm, meaning your questions and involvement are encouraged. This is your case…we are here to help you.

We represent clients who have been involved in:

Automobile accidents

Automobile accidents

Automobile accidents

Tractor trailer accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Wrongful death

Pedestrian accidents

Construction accidents

Slip and fall injuries

Incidents involving traumatic brain or spinal injuries

Each case Whitehead Law handles for its clients is unique:
When you have a broken neck, broken bones, or a broken back injury with soft tissue injuries, our first piece of advice is get yourself better physically. Let Whitehead Law handle the insurance company, answer your questions, and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Important Injury Tips:

  1. If you are injured in an accident, ALWAYS strictly follow the treatment plan of your physician because it will help the possibility of a money recovery for your case… but more importantly, you will feel better.
  2. Keep a daily diary of your recovery because the pain and suffering you have endured during your recovery is important. If you had to sleep on your sofa for a few weeks or needed a hospital bed at your house because you could not get up the stairs to your bedroom, that paints a picture for the insurance company about what you have endured as a result of your accident.
  3. After your accident, take clear photos of your injuries and your vehicle. When it comes time to settle your case or have a trial, these photos become very important.