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Have Your Creditors Taken Over Your Life?

Do you need to have a serious talk about your debt with someone who can help? Does Your Phone Ring Day and Night? Have You Lost Your Job? Whitehead Law should be your next call.


If you are thinking about bankruptcy, you may be considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to liquidate your debt.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to discharge your unsecured debts. You can usually keep your vehicle if you can keep making the payments. Be aware that most tax debt and student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. The particulars of your financial situation require a longer conversation with Andrew A. Whitehead personally. Whitehead Law is committed to helping you navigate the bankruptcy process.

Debt consolidation and debt negotiation companies can only get you so far… most of the time they simply don’t work. Most people who commit to these programs waste a lot of their hard earned money and end up filing for bankruptcy anyway.


Bankruptcy relief is the only “real debt relief” there is. Why? Because it is the law.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives tens of thousands of people a year a chance to start over fresh.

Documents you will need if you hire a bankruptcy attorney:

3 years of tax returns

6 months of pay stubs

6 months of bank statements for all your bank accounts

Copies of car titles

Copies of retirement account statements

Bankruptcy Tips:

  1. There are many companies out there offering “debt relief”.  They may make you big promises to negotiate your debt down with your creditors.  However, they can’t stop a creditor from suing you in court and eventually attaching your wages.  They will not defend you in court if you are sued.  The only real debt relief is found in the bankruptcy court.
  2. After bankruptcy, your credit score will improve.  Believe it or not, rebuilding your credit score can be as simple as paying your bills on time.  Contact Whitehead Law to ask about other ways to rebuild your credit post-bankruptcy.